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THE Glasgow Wedding DJ


DJ Stephen Elliott

Hi, my name is Steve, a friendly and zany kind of guy.

Music has always played a huge part in my life. Growing up in Lanarkshire with two older brothers, my Father & Mother, who all had their own opinions and tastes in music, I cant help but have an eclectic taste.

My passion for music led to broadcast experience in hospital radio, but this just whet my appetite. Being hopeless at guitar and having a voice that’d shatter glass, the next logical step was the live DJ experience.


Steve with Real Radio’s Ewen & Cat

I helped out with a local DJ, learning the ropes and all the eventualities should there be a mishap.

I’m a firm believer in adding the personal touch to peoples wedding, birthday, party or event.

Anybody can stand behind a DJ booth and play music, but it takes skill to know your audience and read the crowd.

The most import aspect of our service is… we will give you a party to remember for all the right reasons!

Our passion shines through in ever wedding reception, party or event we entertain at.